Why is my period late? Ten potential Explanations

Stressed young woman
The menstrual cycle could be affected by times of anxiety.
Using an overdue period can be quite painful, particularly if a girl is used to getting regular intervals or is worried about an unexpected pregnancy.

But, there are a number of different reasons why a girl may have a late period, which range from birth control into anxiety.

In the following report, we examine eight causes of a period that is late.

1. Anxiety

Prolonged periods of stress could impact a woman’s menstrual cycle, causing a period, or which makes it shorter or longer.

Some girls report period cramps that are debilitating when undergoing anxiety.

Preventing the scenarios which cause the anxiety, taking regular exercise, and getting adequate sleep can assist an individual remove strain and keep up a normal menstrual cycle.

When a woman is undergoing chronic strain, she may find it valuable to talk to a physician or psychologist, who will help her identify successful coping mechanisms.

2. Perimenopause

The normal beginning of menopause is about age 52 when a girl hasn’t had a period for 12 or more months.

A lot of women experience symptoms as early as 10 to 15 years. This is called perimenopause and suggests that estrogen amounts are starting to fluctuate.

Irregular estrogen levels may change a woman’s menstrual cycle, which makes it normal for women from perimenopause. She’s thought to have gone through menopause after a girl has gone without a period of time.

3. Weight reduction

Exercise or weight reduction can make a girl. Being underweight or using a very low body-fat ratio may change reproductive hormone levels, decreasing them to amounts in which childbirth and ovulation don’t happen.

A girl who has missed a couple of phases after having a substantial quantity of fat should consult a physician or dietician about obtaining the right quantity of vitamins, minerals, vitamins, and nutrition that her body requirements.

4. Obesity

Being overweight can influence a woman’s menstrual cycle as fat loss can make a girl to miss her time.

Obesity and missed periods can occasionally indicate a girl has a health illness, such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), therefore it’s essential for a girl to be properly diagnosed by a physician.

The physician will recommend blood tests or even a ultrasound to check at the ovaries to be certain no underlying health conditions have been causing missed intervals.

5. Birth control

birth control pill
Some birth control pills may cause a missed period.

Especially hormonal techniques, some kinds of birth control, can make a girl.

Generally, hormonal birth control provides a kind of estrogen along with progesterone to get a fixed period of time, followed by numerous hormone-free days. A time is triggered by the withdrawal of those hormones.

These hormones maintain the lining of the uterus sparse that there isn’t enough of this liner. This applies to most kinds of birth control.

Girls should talk to a physician that has any concerns in their birth control system, although typically, this isn’t dangerous.

6. Hormonal conditions

Many hormones, such as thyroid or prolactin hormones, which can make a girl.

It can be detected using a blood test, if a hormonal imbalance is accountable for a period.

The imbalances’ cause has to be researched by a physician. Some hormonal imbalance are a frequent issue that runs in families, or else they may be brought on by something far more severe, like a mind tumor.

Oftentimes, taking drugs can help spans go back to their usual cycle.


PCOS is among the most common disorders in women of childbearing age.

Although the symptoms differ between individual girls, those who’ve PCOS often have abnormal hormone levels, which may lead to little cysts to grow on the uterus, acne, excessive body and facial hair, male-pattern baldness, as well as obesity.

Periods or irregular are a aspect of this condition.

Should see with their doctor. If not properly handled, a lack of intervals during childbearing years might cause endometrial cancer.

8. Pregnancy

Girls shouldn’t rule out pregnancy as a rationale that is potential their period is late if they’re currently using contraception. Girls can become pregnant when they use birth control.

A house pregnancy test should be used by A sexually active woman having a interval. It’s essential to remember there are. Should find healthcare immediately.

A woman that has a negative effect in your home pregnancy test but that interval doesn’t begin should visit a physician.

When to see your doctor

It can be useful to maintain a written report of its own periods, for example, beginning and finish dates, and a listing of some related symptoms when a woman is worried about intervals.

They can earn a diagnosis, if a physician has a document to refer to. Employing a calendar that is very simple may operate, but in addition, there are programs offered for smartphones.

diary to record missed periods
A written set of phases may assist a physician to create a diagnosis.

Possessing routine check-ups using a gynecologist or women’s health professional can help address several concerns regarding menstrual cycles. At times, a interval isn’t a cause of concern and is an event that is isolated.

But, care may be required by certain symptoms. They comprise:

  • Missing a number of phases in a row
  • a positive pregnancy test
  • Using symptoms of PCOS, as clarified previously
  • Having lost or gained a Great Deal of fat
  • Feeling too stressed