Blue Jays to introduce direction earth infield in front of 2016 season

The Toronto Blue Jays’ infield is getting an update.

The group reported Wednesday they’ll start introducing a direction earth infield at Rogers Center one week from now that will be prepared for the 2016 standard season.

The work will include removal of the bond floor at the stadium in the base way and infield territories to a profundity of 30.48 centimeters and will affect a range of around 1,115 square meters. Layers of rock, sand and dirt will be inlayed in the unearthed zones to guarantee legitimate dampness substance and conditions appropriate to a noteworthy alliance playing surface.

“We are exceptionally eager to continue with this venture,” senior VP Stephen Brooks said in a discharge. “This will both enhance the surface for the players and furthermore upgrade the climate of the stadium for our fans.”


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(The Globe and Mail)

Courtesy: The Globe And Mail