Too much sitting does Not cause weight gain, says Research

I spend approximately 12 hours a day sitting 8 in my des about the rail, and maybe another seeing TV. I’m well aware of the dangers this introduces to my wellbeing, but according to a different analysis, weight gain is not among them.
a woman watching TV
Lengthy sitting might not bring about fat gain, but it’s still detrimental for health.

My sedentary period is on level together with the normal man in the USA, which can be worrying.

Prolonged sitting has long been associated with elevated blood pressure, type two diabetes, heart disorder, and cancer. A number of studies have even correlated prolonged sitting having an higher risk of premature departure.

Adding insult to injury, it looks like no matter how much exercise I do at the time that I am not sitting in my butt, I can not cancel those heath risks. Great.

However, as I sit here (paradoxically) panicking about what I can do in order to prevent my sedentary behaviour turning into a health issue, I place a research that offers a few much-needed reprieve. It states that sitting is not likely to create me pile on the pounds. Hooray!

Celebration aside, as a writer for Medical News Today

Extended sitting remains detrimental

Released in the journal Sports Medicine, the study proved to be a systematic evaluation and meta-analysis of 23 research that explored the effects of sedentary behaviour on body fat and obesity threat among adults.

Significantly, all research included in the study adjusted their results into account for physical action, because this can affect weight.

In general, the team just found “little, inconsistent, and also non-significant institutions” between sedentary behaviours — for example sitting in the office or watching TV — and also body fat and obesity.

The scientists also did identify a small increase in waist circumference with sedentary behaviour: a 0.02-millimeter growth for each 1-hour growth in sitting period each day over five decades. But do not panic just yet; the investigators state this growth is “essentially slight”

So, what exactly do these findings imply for all those people who spend the majority of our day heating our seats?

To put it differently, “The outcomes reveal […] the damaging effects of too much sitting is most likely due to weight gain,” explains lead researcher Dr. Meredith Peddie, of the Department of Human Nutrition in the University of Otago in New Zealand.

On the other hand, the findings don’t imply that sitting for extended periods is benign — much to my disappointment.

“[…] our evaluation studies clearly demonstrate that sitting for extended periods raises blood glucose and cholesterol levels,” states Dr. Peddie.

Bottom line (pun intended), it looks like the information to “sit, move more” is much more significant than ever before. I’d better ask Santa to get a standing desk this past season.

Courtesy: Medical News Today