How to Speed Up Your Metabolism – Diet Fitness

The eating and exercise plans on these pages were designed to keep your metabolism humming to the tune of up to 10 pounds off in 21 days. Read on for the keys to not only losing, but losing for good.


Your basal metabolic rate, the number

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Scientific Ways to Lose Weight

“If you lose 10 percent of your body weight, the number of calories you burn during the day drops by 30 to 40 percent,

because a smaller body requires fewer calories and your muscles become more efficient,”

After each diet period, the resea

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Whole grains increase metabolism

Whole grains, such as brown rice, may help weight loss by decreasing calories retained during digestion. The grain food group includes rice, oats, wheat, and barley.

While whole grains contain the whole-grain kernel and include brown rice, oatmea

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The Best Way to bout of exercise Immediately protects the heart

A brand new review of current studies examines the signs supporting the thought that a serious bout of exercise can provide immediate protection to the heart from cardiovascular disease by means of a mechanism known as “cardiovascular preconditioning.” A serious episode of exercise could ‘train’ the center and guard it against potential harm. The outcome […]

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Jets’ back-and-forth effort ends in a loss to Panthers

Micheal Haley scored the go-ahead goal midway through the third period to lead the Florida Panthers over the Winnipeg Jets 6-4 on Thursday night. Vincent Trocheck had two goals, and Denis Malgin, Mark Pysyk and Aaron Ekblad also scored for the Panthers, who snapped a three-game skid. James Reimer made 35 saves. Patrik Laine had […]

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Kids’ Films promote Bad diet and stigmatize obesity

As naive as children’s films might appear to b new study investigated whether if they encourage positive attitudes toward healthy meals as well as the problems surrounding obesity. On the other hand, the reverse appears to be the circumstance. A brand new study assesses attitudes to foods and obesity in children’s films. Childhood obesity is […]

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Exercise alone Affects our gut microbiota

It’s well recognized — and maybe unsurprising — what we eat influences the microbes which reside in our gut, jointly called the gut microbiota. Based on two new research, however, exercise has the exact same effect. Two new studies indicate that exercise independent of diet may change the makeup of gut microbiota. In human and […]

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